Tuesday, February 08, 2005

MOTORHEAD ‘Ace Of Spades – Classic Album’ (DVD)

MOTORHEAD ‘Ace Of Spades – Classic Album’ (DVD) Eagle Vision (2005)

Another of the extremely watchable ‘Classic Albums’ series and this one looks at Motorhead’s classic ‘Ace Of Spades’ album. Plenty for the Motorhead fans on here including a brief history of Lemmy and the band (including the real reason why he was sacked from Hawkwind), complete with their first appearance on BBC TV’s ‘Top Of The Pops’ performing the cover ‘Louie Louie’. All three members of that classic album’s line-up are interviewed with Lemmy sharing the same studio as drummer Phil ‘Philthy Animal’ Taylor and ‘Fast’ Eddie Clarke interviewed separately. Lemmy and Taylor do make a very funny double act throughout the programme and seem to be still seem to get on well together. You also get the usual tributes from fellow musicians like Slash, Girlschool and Metallica’s Lars Ulrich, along with rock DJ Tommy Vance and Gerry Bron, the founder of Bronze Records.
Each song on the album is discussed and tales from the studio/road are remembered. There is plenty of bonus material including Lemmy/Taylor/Clarke re-recording tracks – ‘(We Are) The Roadcrew’ and ‘The Chase Is Better Then The Catch’ – but as instrumentals only. Plus Lemmy holds forth on various issues and Eddie Clarke shows the development of that classic ‘Ace Of Spades’ riff.
All in all a very enjoyable DVD and it certainly shows what a lasting impact this album has made on rock music.



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