Tuesday, August 16, 2005

DEMON `Better The Devil You Know'

DEMON `Better The Devil You Know' Spaced Out Music (2005) www.the-

One band I think deserve way more success than they ever got was this band (and that's not just because they come from my home town Stoke!). They have produced a fine array of albums down the years from the early occult metal influenced era, through the progressive genius of `The Plague' and their finest moment for me, `Breakout'. 2001's `Spaced Out Monkey' saw the keyboards and more progressive
leanings back into the sound, making for one of their best albums since `Breakout'.

This new album carries on although the guitars are more to the fore – nice. There are some line-up changes with vocalist Dave Hill, long serving bassist Andy Dale and guitarist Ray Walmsley joined by drummer Neil Ogden (who adds a big bottom end to the sound), guitarist Karl Finney and keyboards player Paul Farrington. The title
track and `Dead Of The Night' are classic Demon rockers – menacing lyrics and lots of heavy riffing. Elsewhere Paul Farrington whips up some organ solos like on `Taking On The World' and `Obsession', classic rock indeed! Closer `Change' is a ballad and features strings making for a calming end to a very heavy and enjoyable album. Demon deliver the goods again and if you have never sampled the
delights of this band this album is as good as place to start as any.


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