Wednesday, August 24, 2005

TAMRAH AERYN ‘Typical Girl’

TAMRAH AERYN ‘Typical Girl’ Massacre Records (2005)

Tamrah Aeryn is a singer/songwriter from the US who will delight fans of Kate Bush as her vocal phrasing and the backing arrangements are very similar to Kate Bush, although not direct copying. Of interest to rock fans as well is that Balance of Power’s drummer Lionel Hicks produced this album. The album has a crystal clear production with lots of vocal and harmony arrangements. Highlights are many but the title track and ‘Over You’ highlight her vocal range and the wonderful musical arrangements contained within the album. Along with Anna Nalick and Lyza Wilson this is easily one of my favourite female vocal albums of the year.

Tamrah is a real find, possessing a fine voice and has produced a very enjoyable debut album. As mentioned previously fans of Kate Bush will certainly enjoy the music on offer on here.


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