Monday, December 24, 2007

*** Please note I am also running another fundraising page during 2008 for the Donna Louise Trust. They provide a children's hospice service for Staffordshire and South Cheshire incorporating respite and palliative care, both in a hospice setting, and at home, for children who suffer from illnesses which mean they may not reach adulthood. I have chosen this charity as I originally come from the Potteries and want to support a local charity during 2008 as part of my fortieth birthday year. Anyone who helps give children a glimmer of joy in their short lives is worthy of support in my book***

As it is my 40th birthday in 2008 I thought a novel way to raise funds would be to have bands/authors I have enjoyed so far in my life and have them kindly plug this fundraising page for donations to their fans (be it through a gig, email newsletter, etc) to this worthy charity who help people through music.

Please support the bands/authors who have supported my fundraising efforts by going to one of their events or buying their music or books.

All the following will be plugging this fundraising site during the whole of 2008 on their websites, please visit them all :)

ROBERT RANKIN author of many fabulous books (everyone should read all of his Brentford trilogy books and 'The Toyminator').

UFO are one of best hard rock bands around, enjoying major success in the 70's they are still going strong today. Their latest album 'The Monkey Puzzle' is a 'must have'.

WAYSTED formed by UFO bass player PETE WAY are back with original vocalist FIN. Their latest album 'The Harsh Reality' is a cracking slice of good time rock 'n' roll. (Grab a copy of their 'Save Your Prayers' album which features a certain young DANNY VAUGHN on vocals)

LEC ZORN who plays classic AOR/melodic rock and he will be plugging this website on his website and MySpace.

DEL BROMHAM guitarist with STRAY is a top notch blues rock based musician.

VINNIE MOORE is currently guitarist with UFO and check out his solo albums plus he's played with many other rock legends including ALICE COOPER.

The HEAVY METAL KIDS are still going strong and you must grab a listen to their 'Hit The Right Button' CD - pure class.

The TAZ TAYLOR BAND feature guitar wizzard TAZ TAYLOR and the band's recent album features former RAINBOW/MSG vocalist GRAHAM BONNET.

Rock journalist DAVE LING is a legend and inspiration to all budding rock journos worldwide. He currently writes for 'Classic Rock' magazine and has previously contributed to 'Kerrang!', 'Metal Hammer', 'RAW' and many more.

DAVE BURN plays in a UFO tribute band called UUFO plus he has released a string of solo albums.

TEN YEARS AFTER are one of the seminal 70's rock bands and they are stil going strong today featuring original members Leo Lyons, Ric Lee, and Chick Churchill plus Joe Gooch on guitars.

NEWMAN is the band of Steve Newman, a very talented hard rock/AOR singer/songwriter and he will kindly plugged this site in November as part of his website relaunch. (Check out his new CD 'Primitive Soul')

CHRIS SINGLETON plugged this fundraising idea and page on Saturday 24th Nov via his blog (Chris is a very talented singer/songwriter who compses pop rock gems - check out his song 'Get Up' for proof)

BERNIE TORME & GMT plugged this site at the following gigs during Nov/Dec at York, Bury, Swansea & London (GMT are ex-Gillan members BERNIE TORME & JOHN MCCOY along with drummer ROBIN GUY. They play hard rock with a little punk edge - get their suberb debut album, one of the strongest debuts by any band in mnay a year)

GLYDER will plug this fundraising idea and page on Friday 18th January when they launch their new album, 'Playground For Life' at tthe Sugar Club, Dublin. (Glyder are the natural successors to the mighty THIN LIZZY and are one of the best new bands out there who mix the clsssic 70's rock sounds into their own modern hard rock style)

LION MUSIC record label will kindly plug the fundraising page on their My Space site and newsletters plus sone of their artists have kindly agreed to help out. Lion Music is home to HOUSE OF SHAKIRA, AWAKE, MILAN POLAK, SUN CAGED & many more.

RHODE ISLAND RED (featuring NIKK GUNNS) will plug this fundraising idea and page on Feb 3rd at Bearstock 3 gig

A BIG thanks to BATTTTTTY for helping with many of the artists above. Check out one of her websites here

To find out more on why I chose these bands please hop over to this forum

Join & support the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy charity on Facebook and MySpace

If you want to donate via PayPal please do using the email address All money donated this way will be donated to the Nordoff-Robbins charity or the Donna Louise Trust (please state which charity you'd liek to donate to)


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