Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Birthday Boy

...yes it's my birthday today and another year older, although not necassarily wiser.
Highlights in the past year? Seeing my daughter do well at school & reading (I couldn't read or write properly until the age of 8 due to going a trendy 70's school that believed in letting children learn on their own); getting two top vocalists - Jeff Scott Soto & Mitch Malloy dwon to gigs at Stripes Bar in Brentford; rasing £100 in a recent charity raffle for the Tsunami appeal; finding out that my maternity cover job was made permanent; watching my daughter's sheer enjoyment of life especially swimming and playing.

Hmmm...not getting a buyer for our house and seeing the outrageou prices property goes for in London/SEast; putting on weight or a 'muffin top' as it is called in our household!

Famous people who share the same birthday as me? Well its a select group - actor Jack Lemmon (RIP) & Motley Crue 'vocalist' Vince Neil.


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