Wednesday, August 24, 2005

HELLOWEEN CD single review

HELLOWEEN `Mrs. God' (CD single 2005) SPV Band website

Helloween are back with a new album, `Keeper Of The Seven Keys – The Legacy' due out the end of October and this is the first single lifted of that album. `Mrs. God' is a cracking slice of classic Helloween with plenty of time changes, tasty riffs, harmony filled chorus plus a quirky midsection featuring a bass solo and a sheep!
Vocalist Andi Deris in fine form. Defiantly a track that will suit airplay and the TV music channels like `Kerrang!' and `Scuzz'. Two other tracks on here are `The Ring For A 1,000 Years', featuring plenty of keyboards and `Run (The Name Of Your Enemy)' which is exclusive to this single release.

With a new label and what promises to be a fine album based on the two tracks on this single, Helloween looked poised show the newer bands like Dragonforce how classy power/speed metal should be done.


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