Thursday, August 18, 2005


Thought I'd catch-up with a few people and see wht they've been up to this year. First up Paul Stead, singer/guitarist with the excellent melodic rockers Sacred Heart.

1 What have you been up to so far this year and wehat have you planned for the next few months?

Band wise it's been a busy year: "Lay It On The Line" is still selling well & we've been working hard promoting that, we're working on new material and we've been looking for yet another new bassist - which we've found in Darren Jhuboo. Other than that, we've all been working hard with our normal jobs.

Mark & Claudio have been on holiday this summer, I'm off to Prague in September and between now and the "Melodic Rock Xmas Bash" at the Ruskin Arms in December we have quite a few club gigs and bike rally's coming up.

2 Best live gig(s) this year & why? (Can be your own gigs and/or other bands)

Motley Crue at the Cardiff International Arena was incredible. The show was superb and it was fantastic to see a band that quite frankly I never thought I'd get the chance to.

We, as a band had an absolute blast at the recent Stripes Bar gig we played. The crowd were excellent and it was just a fun night start to finish.

3 New music/books/films you've discovered/bought this year and why are they so good?

I'm still buying old CD's of albums I had on tape or record but here's a few bands/albums you may want to check out if you like your melodic hard rock: BLUE MURDER (S/T), BONFIRE (Frireworks, Point Blank, Rebel Soul & Strike X), DOUBLE CROSS (Time After Time), HARDLINE (Double Eclipse), PRIDE (Far From The Edge & Signs Of Purity), TNT (Tell No Tales & Intuition), Tyketto (Don't Come Easy) and WARRANT (DRFSR, Cherry Pie & Dog Eat Dog) and SACRED HEART "Lay It On The Line"!!!


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