Monday, September 19, 2005

DIO `Holy Diver' Rock Candy (2005)

Rock Candy Records

Rock Candy, the label founded by respected journos turned label owners Derek Oliver (his Wimpwire columns in Kerrang! were always essential reading) and Dante Bonutto (he worked at Universal prior to starting this label), continue their winning start re-releasing this classic Dio debut. Sadly no extra tracks but you do get an interview with Ronnie Dio, a very interesting and informative inlay sleeve essay from Dante Bonutto and its remastered. Fo rme this was one of THE 80's metal albums. Forget your hair metal wannabes like Poison, cod metal chuggers like Accept or those prats in drag Ratt, Dio were the classic metal band of the 80's releasing this album, `The Last In Line' and `Dream Evil' – classic albums (we'll skip over `89's `Lock Up The Wolves'!).

With a line-up of Dio, Jimmy Bain (ex-Rainbow), Vinne Appice (ex- Black Sabbath) and young guitarist Vivian Campbell (now of course in Def Leppard) the line-up smoked! Only one filler on the wjhole album for me , `Shame On The Night' and even that is still listenable.
Tracks liked the rifftastic `Holy Diver', the headbanging `Gypsy' and the simplistic yet effect keyboards on `Rainbow In The Dark' are just a few highlights.

Classic and every home should have a copy –`nuff said.


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