Saturday, September 17, 2005

TR3NITY + CREDO gig review

TR3NITY + CREDO Stripes Bar, Brentford FC Friday 16th September 2005

A night of two quality progressive rock bands with Credo up first playing only their second gig in six years! They were plugging their new album, ‘Rhetoric’ which is out on the 19th September. ‘Too Late’ was a simple but effective number – no overt cluttering like some prog music is (less is more at times). Whilst ‘The Game’ mixed heavy passages with lighter keys/guitar workouts – not bad at all. A very accomplished band musically and they are bound to get even tighter live as they play live more. Can’t wait to hear the album!
Tr3nity played at Stripes back in February and I was very impressed by their music – its progressive in the truest sense in that they mix some jazz workouts (normally I’d run from a venue at the mention of that four letter word!), Floydesque guitar passages with classic prog music like Kansas and Hogarth era Marillion. Highlights include ‘Eyes Of A Child’, a song that easily transcends the genre and with airplay could win the band a whole new fanbase. ‘More Than I Deserve’ again could benefit from airplay with its catchy chorus and musical arrangements. The thing that makes me chuckle about prog bands is when they say its their final number and it is one that is a twenty minute workout! In this case it was ‘The Last Great Climb’ that touches musical base with Pink Floyd in the guitar and Tr3nity’s own sound in the keys/bass/drums passages. Despite the shortened set they went down well with the crowd and I urge fans of well played rock music to track these two bands down asap.

Jason Ritchie



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