Monday, August 29, 2005


A quick catch-up with Iron Horse guitarist Jay Rusnak. Great news that the band's excellent 'Bring It On' album gets a European release via Rock Candy Records later this year. Oh and Iron Horse feature 80's metal favourate Ron Keel (very home should have a Keel album or two!).

1 What have you been up to so far this year and wehat have you planned for the next few months?

IronHorse has been preparing for it's upcoming overseas ( U.K., Germany, Japan) CD release thru Rock Candy Records ( We anticipate this release coming out in late September and it will feature a track listing, artwork, and title that will be different than "Bring It On" which was our U.S. release from last September.

2 Best live gig(s) this year & why? (Can be your own gigs and/or other bands)

IronHorse with The Outlaws at the PromoWest Pavilion in Columbus, Ohio---A packed house filled with IronHorse fans old and new and a surprise guest appearance by Henry Paul himself onstage during our encore.

3 New msuic/books/films you've discovered/bought this year and why are they so good?

I'm usually on the road and don't get to hear much new music but I have friends in the import CD business and they've turned me on to StarBreaker, MasterPlan, and SoulCirkus---all of whom make killer music.
Thanks for your time.

Jay Rusnak/IronHorse


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