Wednesday, August 24, 2005

PAUL LIDDELL album review

PAUL LIDDELL ‘A Lighthouse Keeper’s Diary’ Regulus (2005) Website

Paul Liddell has been quietly being building a large and growing following in his native north east of England. So much so that he has coach parties of fans following him to gigs! His latest album is a gem chock-full of acoustic guitar led numbers and delicate arrangements (using the maxim ‘less is more’).

Stand out track has to be the opener ‘Travelling Song’ with its acoustic guitar, heartfelt vocal and wonderful canon vocal fade out.

‘Runaway’ could easily make the daytime play list on BBC Radio 2 and have the masses snapping up the tune if it were a single (would leave David Gray in his dust!).

Paul Liddell adds various instruments to certain tracks including the brass accompaniment on ‘Hi-Rise’ and it makes the album have plenty of variety rather than just a singer/songwriter album full of acoustic guitar passages. Liddell has very clean and melodious vocal, which coupled with his knack of penning a thought-provoking lyric makes for a highly enjoyable and rewarding album.


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