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Tom Galley has been the driving force behind the Phenomena project since it started back in the mid-80's. The fourth album gets released via Escape Music next Feb, meanwhile over to Tom Galley...

1. What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.)

I am still recovering from an accident I had in July 2005 where I fractured my back but hopefully we start the pre-production of a new album as yet untitled in the new year which will be released around October 2006

2. Could you take us through the ideas behind the songs on the excellent new album ‘Psycho Fantasy’?

Without going into a synopsis on each individual track as a whole the album started with a darker concept than I have used previously and was a reflection of my state of mind at the time of writing. During the pre-production and recording of the album more diverse and lighter elements came into play, which resulted in three tracks being left off the album because of their potential controversial content, but gave the album a more balanced feel. I like to think that the listener will interpret the tracks in their own way and enjoy them more for that reason.

3. Again you have some top draw vocalists including Glenn Hughes and Keith Murrell. How did you get Keith Murrell involved? (Last time I heard news on him he was a backing singer for Cliff Richard!)

As you know Keith was the vocalist on Phenomena 3 and we have kept in touch since then and yes he still works with Cliff! Actually Keith was in line to take over the lead vocals with foreigner but that’s another story.

I have also used some unknown up and coming musicians on the album and have tried to capture the enthusiasm and energy in their playing. I have known Tony Martin from his Sabbath days and have always wanted the opportunity to work with him. J.J. Marsh as you may know is Glenn Hughes’ guitarist and Glenn recommended him and what a great player and really nice guy.

4. Ho did you hook-up with Escape Music? Any future plans to make the other Phenomena albums available through Escape given that they do excellent re-issue packages?

The reason I signed to Escape was because of Khalil this gentlemen believes and this is so hard to find in the record business today.

If I can clear certain legal problems hopefully the back catalogue will be available in 2006

5. Any plans to take Phenomena into the live arena say for a one-off live DVD show recording?

I would love to do this and there have always been plans for a tour since around 1990 but finding a promoter with the foresight and imagination has proved difficult.

6. Were you disappointed at the lack of success and distribution of the third Phenomena album?

Yes! after Phenomena 3 I had problems with my manager and subsequently with Parachute Music who had acquired the back catalogue. But even with these problems and setbacks the album sold quite well.

7. Looking back which song(s) are you most proud of and why? Is there any one song that sums up Phenomena for you?

I am proud of most of the songs but the tracks on Phenomena 1 are the closest to my heart mainly because of the great artists I got to work with and you always remember the first one. “Believe” is probably the track I most associate with but “Stop” on Phenomena 2 runs a close second because of Ray Gillan one of the most underrated rock singers ever.

I wish he were around today as he would be welcome sing on any of my albums.

8. What have been the highlights/lowlights of your career to date?

Hopefully the biggest highlights are yet to come! The lows were after Phenomena 3. I lost faith in the music industry and experienced some health problems that saw me in and out of hospital for quite a while. Then this year 2005 I suffered a nasty accident which left me with a fractured back but fortuitously during this time I found a good partner in Khalil Turk from Escape Music and hopefully this heralds the dawn of a successful new era.

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I like watching all sport and listening to a wide and varied selection of music but my passion is films of every genre new, old and black and white I like to visit the modern multiplex cinemas on a regular basis for that all encompassing experience.

10. Message to your fans...

I hope you all enjoy the new album and the subsequent release in Oct 2006. A big thanks for all the support I have received via the website and thanks to all of you who have stayed in touch. Tom Galley


Blogger Van Dango said...

Tom Galley had problems to finnish Phenomena III long befor BMG pulled the plog on the recording contract. Why he is now claiming in interviews like this he had problems with his manager and co-producer Wilfried Rimensberger is beond anybodies understanding. After all, it was Tom who, at the time, did not listen to Rimensberger's advice in the first place and for that reason caused the loss of Phenomena's recording and publishing contract. The success of the previous album Dream Runner and the first Phenomens release was largely influenced by Rimensberger's production input, talent network and creative marketing skills.

8:41 am  

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