Monday, December 12, 2005

SHY 'Reflections - The Anthology 1983-2005'

Sanctuary (2005)

This double CD covers UK melodic rockers Shy in all their glory. I first heard of the abnd via the 'Brave The Storm' which I got in my school days and remember the free t-shirt that came with the album. That album is a classic and songs like 'Hold On (To Your Love)' (the keys and swirling guitar intro are spine tingling it has to said) and that title track still sound superb today. The follow-up 'Excess All Areas' gets a fair few tracks included on here including the ultra ctachy 'Emergency' and 'Break Down the Walls' - melodic rock as it should be done. The debut album tracks sound dated to be honest and I was personally never a big fan of that album.
You get demo versions of tracks that eventually appeared on 'Mispent Youth' and they rock harder than the album versions that's for sure especially 'Give It All You Got'. Sadly the Wardi fronted Shy album get two tracks on here - sounds like a poor man's Motley Crue. Sorry don't like that man's 'vocals' at all. Bringing it up to date are two tracks each of the band's last two albums, 2002's 'Unfinished Business' (including the rifftastic 'Breakaway')and this year's rather excellent 'Sunset & Vine'.
For those yet to discover the treats of Shy you are lucky people and go get this CD pronot. For long tiome fans like myself it is great to hear the classics all in one place. Along with FM and Thunder, the best melodic hard rock bnad the UK has produced.


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