Wednesday, November 16, 2005



The Thorns are Matthew Sweet, Shawn Mullins and Pete Droge who all have successful solo careers in their own right. I picked this little beauty up at a local CD store and boy I wish I’d heard it sooner! The harmonies (I am a big fan of harmonies!) are some of the nest I’ve heard in years – juts listen to the wondrous opener ‘Runaway Feeling’. Very Tom Petty circa ‘Full Moon Fever’ in sound and arrangements, whilst ‘I Can’t Remember’ gives CSN&Y a run for their money. ‘Blue’ will appeal to fans of the Travelling Wilburys (in fact the Thorns could be seen as the Wilburys natural successors). The title track features some top notch guitar whilst ‘No Blue Sky’ is a summer classic that never was. There is a two disc version of this CD which I recommend you get as the second disc is all the songs done acoustically and it is a real treat to listen to.
I really do hope we get another album from this very talented and enjoyable combination of talents.


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