Thursday, November 03, 2005

THE BRIAN SETZER ORCHESTRA ‘Dig That Crazy Christmas’ Surfdog records (2005)


Stray Cats front man returns with a new album chock full of Christmas goodies! You can’t help but dance around the room to this one (or get funny looks on the Tube travelling to work bopping around to this on your CD player!), with old songs revamped like ‘White Christmas’ and a new take on Glenn Miller’s ‘In The mood’, re-titles here ‘Getting’ In The Mood (For Christmas)’. To slow things down a touch there is ‘What Will You Be Doing New Year’s Eve’, a neat duet with Julie Reiten. Lots of up tempo playing throughout the album and some very tasty guitar as well. Not a duff track on here and all wrapped in a traditional rock ‘n’ roll musical vibe – wonderful!
Along with the excellent Californian Guitar Trio’s album these are the only two Christmas albums yule (excuse that bad pun) ever need…


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