Monday, October 17, 2005

‘Seventy Seven Clocks’ by CHRISTOPHER FOWLER Doubleday

The latest in the excellent Bryant and May mysteries, although this particular book is a re-write of one of his early novels ‘Darkest Day’. Bryant and May are two detectives who tackle crimes that come outside the remit of the normal police force and they have their peculiar ways of solving crimes as well. This tale revolves around the Whitstable family and there unique and dark way of dealing with rivals to their family business. Fowler excels at mixing everyday London (albeit in a 1970’s setting in this novel) with a dark, supernatural undercurrent. The characters Bryant & May are highly enjoyable – one is a cantankerous loner with a love of the supernatural whilst the other is more worldly wise.

Not as good as the previous two Bryant & May novels but still a damn fine read and why a talented author such as Christopher Fowler does not sit atop the bestseller lists is a mystery to me.


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