Thursday, October 13, 2005

PALLAS `The Dreams Of Man' CD review

Inside Out

Bar reviewing a live DVD I have no other music by this band (the
shame!) and like this year's albums by Pendragon, Arena and Credo it sees an established band at the top of their game. All the songs are linked around the album's title – the dreams of men. The arrangements and effects on this album really are top draw and I urge anyone who is put off by the progressive tag to try this album (and the latest albums by IQ, Jadis, Arena, Credo & Pendragon) as the music deserves a wider audience. Take `Ghostdancers' which could be a Runrig track – only better as this mixes swathes of keys and vocals along with American Indian voices. The instrumental `Northern Star' is stunning – think Vangelis but played on guitar. It really is a joy to the ears. `Warriors' sees the guitar solos cranked up, although bizarrely the chorus reminded me of 80's pop act Go West! `Too Close To The Sun' is a veritable keyboard feast with emotive vocals mixed into layered keyboard arrangements.
Only `Messiah' lets the side down for me but many will doubtless enjoy this track. The aggressive vocal line doesn't quite suit the flow of the rest of the album. The closing two tracks each clock in at over ten minutes each, although such is the musical variety on offer the time flies by.

Pallas return with a very strong and enjoyable album.


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