Thursday, September 29, 2005


HELLOWEEN ‘Keeper Of The Seven Keys –The Legacy’ SPV (2005)

Helloween return back to their most successful period to date, that of the ‘Seven Keys’ albums released back in the late 80’s. Their last outing ‘Rabbit Don’t Come Easy’ was very good with short, sharp catchy melodic metal tunes but it did lack a one or two epic tracks. This is rectified and then some on this new album with ‘The King For A 1,000 Years’ throwing in all the epic metal ingredients – spoken word intro, choral background, racing guitar solos, big choruses. The single ‘Mrs. God’ is one the band’s best tunes in years whilst ‘Come Alive’ is another possible future single. Candice Night (Ritchie Blackmore’s other half) duets on ‘Light The Universe’, a power ballad if ever there was one! It’s a double CD as well (although the second disc clocks in at just under 40 minutes) complete with fantasy artwork and the ‘Mrs. God’ video.

Helloween are back doing what they do best – epic melodic metal and they certainly give the newer bands like Stratovarius, Dragonforce and Rhapsody a run for the money. Thos who haven’t really caught up with Helloween since the early 90’s will certainly like this album and should grab a copy pronto


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