Tuesday, September 20, 2005

TNT 'All The Way To The Sun' CD review

TNT ‘All The Way To The Sun’ MTM Music (2005)

Hot on the heels of the excellent Starbreaker album Tony Harnell returns with his TNT band mates and makes a fine follow-up to last year’s ‘My Religion’. On the first few plays it is less instant than previous works but boy do the tunes work their way into your mind. ‘A Fix’ and ‘Too Late’ realy hammer the riffs down with Harnell on fine form, whilst ‘Me An I’ is a classy melodic piece featuring great harmonies. Ronni Le Tekro gets a workout on ‘Mastic Pines’ (eh?) although this is a fine acoustic based strumfest as opposed to all out fast ‘n’ flashy playing. Surprise comes in the cover of ‘What A Wonderful World’ and although I am sure some reviews will knock this track as it seems out of place I personally love it! The arrangements are very Queen like right down to the Brian May sounding guitar parts. ‘The Letter’ still doesn’t hit the spot for me but overall another high quality melodic hard rock release just proving that the genre isn’t dead and that bands can keep their fans whilst progressing musically.


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