Thursday, October 06, 2005

BRUCE TURGON ‘Outside Looking In’

Frontiers (2005)

Bruce Turgon first came to prominence in the short lived but rather excellent Shadowking, a band that feature Foreigner vocalist Lou Gramm. Prior to this Turgon worked with Gramm in a solo capacity and then later as a member of Foreigner in the 90’s. On this solo release he is joined by Gramm who contributes backing vocals as well as drummer Danny Carmassi (Journey), Ronnie Montrose and current Styx bassist Ricky Phillips.

Musically it takes the classic hard rock sound of bands like Foreigner, Hardline and Shadowking adding a modern touch mainly through the production and keyboards. Listen to ‘Weapons Of Love’ and you’d swear blind it was a Foreigner song! A big, bold rock song complete with nifty guitar breaks. ‘Living A Lie’ and ‘Walk Thru Fire’ are spot on, melodic hard rockers and a delight to the ears. Slight dip in quality towards the end of the album but overall a fine melodic hard rock album and top of the ‘must have’ list for Foreigner fans in particular.


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