Tuesday, October 11, 2005

‘XS All Areas’ Francis Rossi & Rick Parfitt book review

‘XS All Areas’ Francis Rossi & Rick Parfitt with Mick Wall Pan (2005)

The updated paperback edition of last year’s hardback bestseller telling the story of Status Quo through the tales of Francis Rossi & Rick Parfitt, the band’s two longest serving members. Each takes turns having a chapter each (which does lead to some duplication in the story of the band) and it follows rough chronological order from the early days performing at Butlins right up to this year’s Live 8 concert and the outcry when the band weren’t invited to open the concert. It reads very easily and is littered with the rock ‘n’ roll tales of drugs, booze and women with Rossi having a particularly dry wit that shines through in the prose. It covers the bad management, the bust-ups with bassist Alan Lancaster (famously replaced by a life size puppet on ‘Top Of The Pops’) and drummer John Coughlin and the personal battles against drugs. Parfitt in particular ahs a very harrowing story to relate regarding the death of his daughter at a very young age. Rossi comes across in the book as a family man in later years whilst Parfitt is still a big kid at heart with his love of fast cars and fast women!

Very readable and enjoyable, a must for all Quo fans and those after a decent rock autobiography.


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