Monday, October 17, 2005

PROG AID ‘Around The World’

F2 Music (2005) ProgAid website

After the tsunami disaster of last year the prog world got together to record this tribute maxi-single. It features members form Arena, Pendragon, Magenta, IQ, Palla, Ayreon, Sahdow Gallery, Mostly Autumn and many more. There are five versions on here and being progressive music there is an eleven minute plus version as well! Despite the sheer number and variety of musicians involved the song does hold well together being a moving ballad. The full version is the pick of the bunch as the guitar solos get extended and it makes for a wonderful listen. There is a making of video as well and all in all you can’t go wrong as you get good music and more importantly help a very worthy cause. The areas affected still need aid even now, more so really as public attention has switched to recent events in Pakistan and the US.


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