Thursday, October 13, 2005

CREDO `Rhetoric' CD review

F2 Music

Credo return with their second album and a gap of over ten years that would put even Def Leppard to shame! Produced by keyboard player Mike Varty (Landmarq) the songs have a very keyboard led sound and all the more better for it! Like all the best progressive music the songs tackle many difficult issues like teenage prostitution in the opener `Skintrade' – plenty of keys on this one and nice guitar solos. Shades of Gilmour-esque guitars on `The Letter' – a slow builder and with a rumbling bass riff throughout.
Bit of light relief in `The Game' – air keyboards out for a very Fish era Marillion number (dig those drum rolls at the songs start). `From The Cradle…' is an evocative ballad featuring a wonderful acoustic guitar passage midway through. Overall a well produced album – no overt cluttering or fancy music just for the sake of it and more importantly very listenable and it could easily appeal to music fans who normally steer clear of all things prog (you don't know what your missing!).

2005 really has been a vintage year for British prog rock what with Arena, Pendragon, Pallas and now Credo all releasing very fine and accessible albums. Go buy `em all!


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