Wednesday, October 19, 2005

RADIOACTIVE ‘Taken’ MTM (2005)

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Radioactive is the creation of Tommy Denander and this is the third album to be released under the Radioactive banner. There are more guests on here than you can shake a stick at including members of Toto, Unruly Child, Night Ranger, Silver and Journey to name but a few! The album is a classic 80’s sounding melodic hard rock meets AOR album circa Toto’s ‘The Seventh One’ and ‘Fahrenheit’, albeit with modern production. The weakest track for me is the title track which sees current Toto vocalist Bobby Kimball take the mike stand. Not one of his best performances it has to be said but Gary Barden ups the ante on ‘Hit Her Where It Hurts’. Husband and wife James Christian (House of Lords) and Robin Beck sing up a storm on ‘Easy’s getting’ Harder’, whilst not to be outdone former Toto/Mecca vocalist Fergie Frederiksen is on form on ‘Premonition’. Throughout the album it has a very Toto feel sound wise, which is hardly surprising given the amount of past and present members of the band involved! The closing instrumental track has a loose jazz rock feel, again similar to the one found on Toto’s ‘Fahrenheit’ album.

It may not be pushing musical boundaries but this album is a must have for all lovers of melodic rock!


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