Friday, October 21, 2005


Terry Pratchett's latest DiscWorld book is just out in paperback. In this tale Lord Vetinari offers Moist von Lipwig a job, the job of Postmaster General of the Ankh-Morpork Post Office. However the Post Office is in sever disrepair with years and years backlog of undeliverd letters. Plus there are only two staff - Junior Postman Groat who lives and breaths the post office apart from his experiments in home cures and Apprentice Postman Stanley who has a passion for pins. As usual Pratchett draws similarities with the real world as the PO's great rivals are the clacks - a telegraph system, but which is prone to breaking down and in dire need of major repairs (sounds like the tube system in London!). Moist revamps the PO including inventing stamps but I won't give too much away as the fun is in reading ths book!

There are plenty of jokes and puns including the 'grass' in the clacks called the Smoking Gnu and some DiscWorld faves make cameos including Commander Vimes of the City Watch, the wizard Arch Chancellor Ridcully but sadly no 'Cut Me Own Throat' Dibbler...

Well worth a read and the great thing about Pratchett's books is you can read them as stand-alone novels. He is certainly back to his best and worth anyone's time to read.


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