Sunday, November 13, 2005

FISH gig review

Mean Fiddler, London Saturday 12th November

A packed Mean Fiddler was testament to the amount of fans keen to hear not only Fish's solo output but the entire 'Misplaced Childhhod' album. I remember it well from my sixth form days and being one of only a few people into Marillion at school, most others were more interested in a man singing in a whining voice with a twig sprouting out his ass! But first a short support set by ex-Karnatka voclaist Anne Marie Helder. She has a wondeful voice - very sweet and mellow but I would have prefered a full band backing here as after awhile the tunes sounded very similar!

Fish kicked off his set with 'Big Wedge' with a six piece backing band including long serving guitarist Frank Usher. The a few insults were traded with the crowd over the football results and then next up was 'Moving Target' and we were treated to 'Credo' - sounded superb live and 'Raingods Dancing'(the crowd loved this one!)amongst an hour long set of solo material. A short break ensued before it was straight into the entire 'Misplaced Childhood' album. Fish's voice was onviously suffering from a bad bout of flu as he struggled to hit the high notes but like a true showman he carried on and delivered sparkling versions of 'Lavender' and 'Heart Of Lothian'. Not so sure of the slower paced 'Kayliegh' though but hey it was still great to hear it live again (last time was back in 1988 for me!).

Encore time and the crowd went wild to 'Incommunicado' (dedicated to Tommy Vnace) and set closer 'Market Square Heroes' which had all the audience pogoing. An enjoyable night and great to here Fish era Marillion songs live again. Just proves you can mix pure nostalgia with your modern outpuy and keep fans happy.


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