Monday, November 21, 2005


GLYDER (2005) Band website

Supposedly a promo sampler album but with legendary producer Chris Tsangarides at the helm the sound is top notch. This young Irish four piece successfully mix a modern rock sound with a good dose of classic rock a la Thin Lizzy. In fact if Thin Lizzy were still going today (I know there is the Sykes/Gorham version but without Phil Lynott it will never be a true Thin Lizzy) I reckon they would sound not unlike this album. Some cracking tunes on here including opener ‘’Saving Face’ and ‘You Won’t Bring Me Down’, both mix catchy guitar riffs and melodic choruses. ‘She’s Got It’ is a classic rocker (in fact the opening guitar passage sounds at times like AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck’!). The Thin Lizzy vibe pervades over ‘Colour Of Money’ whilst ‘Takin’ Off’ hits a catchy groove.

Definitely a band who are worthy of further investigation and although they have a Thin Lizzy sound at times (mainly in the vocals and bass lines), the band are not mere copycats. Live the band are tighter than a gnat’s chuff as well. A band worthy of your further attention.

JACKSON BROWNE ‘Running On Empty’ Rhino (2005) Rhino website

Jackson Browne’s classic album, originally released back in 1977, gets a revamp with an added DVD disc featuring the entire album in surround sound plus photos and a couple of video montages. If you have yet to sample the delights of this album then you are in for a treat. Lyrically it is based around life on the road with songs being recoded live, in hotel rooms and one even on a coach! The title track contains a cracking guitar soloing – nothing flashy but damn good to hear. ‘You Love The Thunder’ hints at a country rock vive a la the Eagles, WHILST ‘The Load-Out’ must be one of the few tunes to show the roadies’ life in a true light. There are some, wonderful performances on here not least Brown himself and his melancholic vocals. David Lindley stands out to with his lap-steel and fiddle playing.

A very classy package and if you don’t have this album I suggest you grab a copy now.


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