Monday, January 30, 2006

WILL SMITH – Misplaced Childhood tour

Soho Theatre, London Friday 27th January 2006

No not the US actor Will Smith but instead a much more talented UK comedian who also happens to be a massive fan of all things Marillion and Fish, hence the title of the show. His one man show has already been a hit at last year’s Edinburgh festival and now he is taking it to the road – extremely good timing as Fish is also currently on his Return to Childhood tour. Back to Will Smith and the idea behind the show is to look at growing up back in 1985 when Marillion’s ‘Misplaced Childhood’ first came out with today’s children growing up. Will Smith tackles this with ease and he is genuinely very funny especially when he starts to look at today’s youth and their obsession with sex, fighting and street slang. He also reflects on his teenage years and how his band never quite made it, which he blames on fellow Jersey based rock band of the time Outlaw (who look like a badly dressed Saxon circa 1986). In fact the lead singer of Outlaw comes in for some very heavy abuse for a) stealing the girl of his dreams and b) being crap.
Interspersed with this is his meeting with his hero Fish and the resulting interview. Fish did work with Will Smith on this show and he is on top form in the interview part as Will Smith manages to blag his way into his hero’s home (using the vague wording he works for Classic Rock magazine but when questioned by Fish admits he just likes classic rock) and chaos ensues. All the obsessive fan behaviour is on display including his attempt to read his lyrics to Fish and wheeling out loads of rarities for signing.
It is a very entertaining and enjoyable show that mixes both nostalgia and some wry observations on the modern youth. Definitely worth catching if you like Marillion and/or a damn fine night of comedy.


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