Sunday, February 05, 2006

THUNDER gig review

THUNDER + TOBY JEPSON + ROADSTAR Hamersmith Odean, Saturday 4th February 2006

First time I have seen a gig at the Apollo with the seats out and strangely no-one in the circle, whether this is due to fire limits on the number of people I am not sure. Anyway Roadstar (Hurricane Party as was) played a short 20 minute set and they seemed to go down well with the crowd. They aren't bad at what they do - straight ahead riff rock not a million miles away from classic 70's era Quo. The singer is a cross between the Cult's Ian Astbury and the fey antics of Mick Jagger. But they really need to get their debut album out pronto to build on the obvious live following they have built up.
Former Little Angels singer Toby Jepson played set geared towards Little Angel classics although the newer material he played was very good as well. Great to hear 'Boneyard', 'Kickin' Up Dust' and 'Too Much Too Young' again and played with such passion by his back-up band. Hopefully he will tour again soon, meanwhile I am off to play some Little Angels :)
Thunder have a very large and passionate following. Trends and bands may go but you always know you will get entertained at a Thunder show. The band play with ease and Danny Bowes is on the best singers and frontmen around, working the audience with ease. The newer songs like the sing-a-long 'I Love You More Than Rock 'n' Roll' easily stand up to classics such as 'Higher Ground' and theit power ballad 'Love Walked In'. The crowd loved it and so too did the band by the looks of things. Danny Bowes still has the voice - just listen to 'Like A Satellite' for proof and in Luke Morely you have the archetypal rock guitarist - lost of style with talent to back it up.
Encore time saw Roadstar and Toby Jepson back on stage for a run through Elton John's 'Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting' - mayhem on the stage with so many band members around and the Roadstar vocalist was lucky not to clock someone with his swinging mike! 'Dirty Love' closed the show and a great night of hard rock music. Nothing too fancy just good, solid well played tunes and long may Thunder contine! Great to see Toby Jepson again after a long time as well.


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