Friday, March 31, 2006

QUEEN 'Making of A Night at the Opera' DVD

QUEEN `The Making of A Night at the Opera' (Double DVD 2006) Eagle Rock

Released as a single DVD of the `Making Of' documentary and then this special double disc edition which adds the whole of the `ANATO'
album in surround sound accompanied by live footage and other footage. (Pretty sure this second DVD is the one that was released with the special anniversary CD last year) The interviews are current – with Brian May, Roger Taylor and producer Roy Thomas Baker plus fellow musicians Ian Hunter and Joe Perry, mixed in with archive interviews featuring Freddie Mercury. Strange that John Deacon isn't interviewed in the present but then he ahs publicly retired from all things Queen. Also contained on disc one are analysis of the tracks plus an exclusive acoustic performance of "39" and "Love Of My Life" by Brian May.
The second disc features the original videos for `You're My Best Friend' (the one with lots of candles that must have had the fire officer having kittens!) and the classic `Bohemian Rhapsody'. Other tracks feature live performances of the songs including `Sweet Lady'
from the band's Hyde Park gig in 1976 and Brian May's recent rendition of `God Save The Queen' perched on top of Buckingham Palace. I particularly like the use of old black and white film footage to accompany `Seaside Rendezvous'.
If you are a Queen fan then you will love this DVD as would anyone after the story behind one of the greatest rock albums of all time (and many would say the band's finest album as well). Great all round package just a shame they couldn't coax John Deacon for a few words.


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