Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Three crime writers I've recently enjoyed reading...

There are a wealth of crime novelists out there - some great (Ian Rankin, Michael Connelly, Peter Robinson, Denis Lehane, Mark Billingham), some not bad (Ed McBain, Simon Brett, James Patterson, Colin Bateman) and some just plain average (Kathy Reichs, Tess Geritsen). Well I've found three more crime writers to add to any fans list...

Johnathon King - features retired cop Max Freeman and set in the Florida Everglades. Great atmosphere and convincing characters - low body counts! New novel 'Killing Time' out in May.

Steve Hamilton - best of the three. Novels set in US & Canada featuring Alex McKnight. 'Ice Run' cracks along at a frantic pace and is well worth reading IMHO. this is out in paperback in the UK in April.

Jeff Abbott - only just getting UK publication now and these feature a retired judge cum beachbum. Aginn the three novels I've read by him are fast paced - slightly shallow characters at times but overall a writer to keep an eye on.

All three are published in the UK by Orion -


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