Thursday, August 18, 2005

Top journalist JOE GEESIN

This man is a legend! He's written for amongst others 'Record Collector' magazine and provided lots of sleeve notes for various bands down the years. A true music fan!

1) On top of my day job, this last year I've been reviewing more and more for GRTR, CDs, DVDs and gigs. Several hundred in fact. Interviews have included Tony Iommi, Thin Lizzy, Girlschool, Groundhogs, John McCoy etc.
Work for Record Collector magazine is ongoing, with reviews, news (writing an Obit for the late Danny Joe Brown), articles (SAHB, Rodney Matthews etc) and several entries in Digging For Gold, including rarities by AC/DC and Whitesnake.
I have also written sleevenotes for a few Nazareth CDs (released on Snapper) and TOTP and Atomic Rooster (both Angel Air).

Recently I had a meeting with former Kerrang writer Derek Oliver, who recently set up the Rock Candy label with Dante Bonuto.

I am looking to continue this work throughout the year, and am hoping to holiday either in New York or Lebanon in the Autumn.

Also job hunting, as I need to get out of my day job desperately.

2) Gigs. Not been to many this year but highlights include Girlschool at the Mean Fiddler, kicking Vixen's ass and wiping the floor with it big time.
Also Girlschool and Saxon supporting Motorhead. Both are superb, performances done with energy, honesty, vigour, excitement, humour and pure rock'n'roll. Trad metal in the right places is very much alive and kicking.
Judas Priest and Glenn Hughes were good too.

3) Films: enjoyed the Fantastic Four. Infinitely better than The Hulk
Discovered Sleepy Hollow when showed on TV.
Watched Attack Of The Clones on DVD - one of the worst films I've seen, ever.
Likewise, how can Return Of The Mummy be so appaulling and dreadful when the original was actually ok?

Books: Rereadingi some highlights by James Herbert and Joe Dever.

Music: Rhapsody - an interesting blend of conceptual operatic speed metal. Touches of Freedom Call doing a heavy metal opera version of Lord Of The Rings. Christopher Lee is in there too.


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