Friday, April 07, 2006

GLYDER album review

GLYDER (2006) Bad Reputation

I was lucky enough to be sent a promo copy of the band's debut last year and it easily warranted a four star rating. Having seen the band live as well last summer I can safely safe I am a fan! Now the band have been signed (and about time too) with this album due out in May. It features the production talents of legendary producer Chris Tsangarides, so as you would expect the sound is top notch.
In fact if Thin Lizzy were still going today (I know there is the Sykes/Gorham version but without Phil Lynott it will never be a true Thin Lizzy) they would sound not unlike this album. Some cracking tunes on here including 'Saving Face' and `You Won't Bring Me Down', both mix catchy guitar riffs and melodic choruses. The latter could easily be a single and get some serious airplay. 'She's Got It'is a classic rocker(in fact the opening guitar passage sounds at times like AC/DC's `Thunderstruck'!). The Thin Lizzy vibe pervades over `Colour Of Money' whilst `Takin' Off' hits a catchy groove.
Definitely a band who are worthy of further investigation and although they have a Thin Lizzy sound at times (mainly in the vocals and bass lines), the band are not mere copycats. A very strong debut album and heartily recommended for all fans of classic rock out there.


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