Saturday, April 08, 2006

New look to blog

Hope it is easier on the eye! Removed a lot of ads, out of date posts, etc. to give a smarter look.
Music wise I have discovered via the delights of EMusic the rather wonderful band ELBOW. Very mellow but weird music - COLDPLAY meets RADIOHEAD.

Another good 'un are THE SHAZAM - excellent pop rock and well worth investigating. Along with fellow pop rock greats WALTHAM, SQUARE ONE & FIVE STAR IRIS, they are bands that deserve huge success.

Finally meldoic rock fans grab a copy of the new LAST AUTUMN album just out on Escape Music Their second album, released last year was frankly a dog but this one is SUPERB melodic rock/AOR. It has already score a 91% review on MelodicRock.Com
Fans of classic EUROPE, TNT, TREAT go by now!!!

LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM ‘Winter In Paradise’ Escape Music (2006)

Last Autumn’s Dream revolve around vocalist Mikael Erlandsson and Fates Warning guitarist Andy Malacek. Their debut album featured 3/5ths of Europe and was a very enjoyable melodic rock album. For last year’s album, ‘II’ the Europe members had left and to be honest the resulting album was very average. Now for album number three they have enlisted Talisman’s rhythm section of Marcel Jacob and Jamie Borger, who provide a very tight backbeat. From the off with the hard rocking opener ‘Love To Go’ you know its going to be miles above the last album. Reminded me of those long lost 80’s greats Skagarak and classic Europe. There are some cracking 80’s synths on ‘Don’t Let Your Love Go Down’ before the guitars kick in and then some! Queen fans will delight at the harmonies and Brian May style guitar solos on ‘Echoes From the Past’, whilst ‘All I Want Is Rock ‘N’ Roll’ is one of those classic hard rock tunes that is so simple in sound and lyrics but you just can’t stop playing it! A really good album and such a change from some of the recent melodic rock releases that are rehashes of the 80’s sound.
A definite ‘must have’ for lovers of melodic rock and hopefully they can keep hold of the Talisman guys for the next album.


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