Friday, May 12, 2006

Karl Henry set to leave & Pulis return draws nearer?

Out of contract Karl Henry is possibly being lined-up by QPR. If he did move Stoke would be entitled to a fee due to his age. He's not a bad squad player but unlikely to develop much more at Stoke to be honest.

Meanwhile as the Coates takeover rumbles on in the background the new manager seems to be the return of Tony Pulis. Two young players have sung Pulis's praises in the local press recently and of course Coates is a fan of Pulis's mangerial style (it ain't pretty to watch but does grind out the results). If Pulis does return expect a flurry of transfer activity and lots of hard working, tall defenders and workmanlike midfielders to arrive. Plus say bye bye to Hoefkens & Bangora no doubt.


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