Monday, April 24, 2006

Don’t panic, just turn out the vote on May 4th

The YouGov poll in today's Daily Telegraph is cause for concern but it is not altogether unexpected. In 2004 the BNP received 4.9% of the vote in the European Elections, and this was when the right wing UKIP polled 16%.

Support for the BNP has gone up slightly since then as growing disillusionment with the mainstream parties and the fallout from 7 July and the Danish cartoon controversy play out. What is happening, however, is that people are now more prepared to state their support publicly.

People should not be fooled by the BNP and their racist agenda. While their leaders tour the TV studios claiming that they are no longer racist, a simple look at the BNP's constitution proves this to be a sham. Their constitution clearly states that:

1. They are opposed to any racial integration.
2. Black people can never be considered British, even if they were born here.
3. BNP membership is restricted to people of Anglo-Saxon heritage.
4. They propose an Apartheid-style state in Britain where whites are given priority under the law for jobs, housing and education.
5. The oppose mixed marriages.

Searchlight has identified almost 80 council wards where the BNP pose a risk. Our assessment has not changed in the last week. We, together with activists across the country, have prepared for these elections for the past year. Over the last few months we have identified 33,000 voters who dislike the BNP in 42 target wards. Our job is to turn out these voters. If the majority of these people turn out on 4 May then the BNP can be stopped.

The YouGov poll is a cause for concern, but rather than worry about it people should do the one thing in their power, and that is vote. The vast majority of people are opposed to the racist BNP but this means nothing if we don't get out and vote on 4 May.

Hope will triumph over hate.

Nick Lowles


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