Tuesday, April 18, 2006

THE LION KING, Lyceum Theatre, London

Now my daughter I s a BIG fan of all things Lion King so after seeing the three films numerous times it seemed only right to go and see this lavish stage show. Well worth seeing as the costumes are nothing short of spectacular! You have people taking on giraffes, hyenas and of course the main Lion King characters. The plot stays true to the original cartoon with a few extra songs and comedy ad libs. Timon and Pumba are particularly good, with both sounding like the film version. Of the music the live percussionists are excellent and the songs are really belted out – some great African tribal music which I personally love to hear.
You can’t fault this musical as it has the lot – strong songs, enthusiastic and talented cast coupled with very colourful and creative scenery. Go and see this show if you get a chance as it is really worth every penny!


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