Wednesday, April 12, 2006

GLYDER update

What are you currently up to (eg recording, gigs etc)?

Promoting our debut album and touring Ireland also doing a dedication to Phil Lynott gig in dumfries in Scotland on 30th April

Plans for the rest of 2006...

Clive aid in doncaster in aid of the Clive Burr MS trust on 26th May, We will be touring France in october and hopefully the UK sometime before the summer is out. Later in the Year we plan to record the follow up to our debut for early 2007 release

Highlights/lowlights of the year so far...

Highlights are releasing the album and Philomena Lynott making a really heartfelt speech at opur album launch, The vibe for Philo in January was also a great moment, The lows were missing out on playing a tour of Holland with Wishbone Ash and the constant wait to get things going

Message for your fans...

Thanks for all the emails , messages from myspace friends, forum members for supporting us and buying the album

My Space

First and lastest albums bought & why...

the adventures of Thin Lizzy because they are awesome and i was blown away the first time I heard em, last one was really a DVD trouble live in Stockholm becuase
Trouble are the most underrated band of all time.

Album(s) you couldn't be without...

Every Thin Lizzy album and Every Iron Maiden album up to Seventh Son

Heaven and hell and Mob Rules by Black Sabbath

Headless Cross - Black Sabbath

Trouble - Manic Frustration

Out of the silent planet King s X

Blizzrd of Oz and Diary of a Madman- Ozzy Osbourne

Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour
Steevy Ray Vaughan - Couldnt stand the weather

Album(s) in my collection that would surprise people...
Sting - Mercury falling great album!

Band(s)/artist(s) you've discovered recently & why they are worth a listen...
Edguy- reminds me of Queensryche cheesy metal but absolutely rockin, The Mob feat Ty Tabor , Kip Winger and Reb Beach - Powerful melodic vocals with really good guitar playing, Foo fighters are around a long time but ive recently been turned on to them BIG TIME

First and latest gig attended...
Metallica back on Justice for all tour, latest was The Australian Pink Floyd

Piece of music/album by myself/band that sums up my sound/band...
Just go out and Buy the new Glyder album I know you want to, ask Jason from he will tell you it ROCKS!!!

Album you bought you really wish you hadn't...
Some Frank Zappa one I cant remeber nbame of that cost me 20 quid to hear a crazy loon rambling on and making weird noise, Not that I dont like some of Zappas other stuff but....Too many albums out there that arent worth the money

If I wasn't a musician I'd be a...
fisherman tumbling on the sea far away from dry land and its bitter memories


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