Monday, April 10, 2006


What are you currently up to (eg recording, gigs etc)?

Recording new Cry Havoc album, plus an exciting new international project that I started in January, playing bass on David Readman solo album.

Plans for the rest of 2006...

Really finish the three records I am working on, including working with my favourite producer on them. Have also written a record with David Readman which we hope to finalise by the tail end of the year ... a lot of songs, we'll just pick the best ones and go shopping for a deal.

Highlights/lowlights of the year so far...

Still a little early to state highlights - but the involvement of the names on my international project is amazing even me! The band members, particualrly the
guitarist I discovered are quite something else! I think the major highlights are still to come musically, but Celtic winning the league back and finally seeing the
mighty Edguy in Germany make up my general highlights so far. Lowlights - thanksfully none so far!

Message for your fans...

What fans?
LOL! Thanks to all who continue to visit the Cry Havoc website - many thanks! This new record is gonna rock like you will not believe!



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