Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Music Matters with JOE GEESIN

Gellow GRTR! reviwer/interviewer JOE GEESIN gives us his lowdon on music that matters to him...

First and lastest albums bought & why...

First: The Motors - Approved By The Motors. Aged 9. Heard "Airport" and loved and have done so ever since.
Last: Saxon's Dogs Of War, the reissue with 2 extra live tracks. Great Great band and their 90s stuff is so much underrated.

Album(s) you couldn't be without...

Too many to mention, my top 10 changes often, but here's a couple
The Motors - anything
Deep Purple - Made In Japan
Gillan - Future Shock
Rainbow - Rising
Eloy - Metromania
Foghat - Stone Blue
Nazareth - No Mean City
Molly Hatchet - Double Trouble Live
Freedom Call - Crystal Empire
Peter Frampton - Breaking All The Rules

Album(s) in my collection that would surprise people...

I have a few by Bad Manners and a pretty much complete Madness collection

Band(s)/artist(s) you've discovered recently & why they are worth a listen...

Rhapsody - a different take on European melodic speed metal. Operatic too. Last 2 albums are partly orchestrated with narration from Christopher Lee. Superb!

First and latest gig attended...

First - Pink Floyd's The Wall at Earls Court, 80/81 ish. Aged 10 or 11.
Last - Dirty Shoes, a classic covers band who do loads of AC/DC and Led Zep

Piece of music/album by myself/band that sums up my sound/band...

My only vinyl appearance is on a Pink Floyd album, sampled as a baby. I think we'll move on from that.......

Album you bought you really wish you hadn't...

I own several truly awful albums because of guest appearances, being a collector and all that.
Examples would be Elkie Brooks' "Minutes" (Zal Cleminson), Julie Felix's "Clotho's Web" (Cozy Powell), and probably a whole host of others. In fact Powell played on some of the best hard rock ever and some of the worst too as a session man.

If I wasn't a musician I'd be a...

How about "If I wasn't stuck in advertising I'd be a musician" LOL


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