Tuesday, April 25, 2006

CREDO update

What are you currently up to (eg recording, gigs etc)?
We are currently in the process of undertaking tour dates with Landmarq and Quidam, as well as being in discussion re some pretty special gig dates, my lips, unfortunately, have to be sealed at this point!

Plans for the rest of 2006...
To sell loads of copies of Rhetoric. We have two successful tours under our belts and have a big chunk of the new album written. I am currently formulating the lyrics, some of the new music that is taking shape is awesome and I can’t wait to get going properly on it

Highlights/lowlights of the year so far...
Highlights, well this year!!! Press and fan response to RHETORIC has blown us away, personally doing gigs when 2 years ago I never thought I would ever get out of a hospital bed again gets me every time, playing with ARENA and KINO has been great, just looking forward to the Landmarq and Quidam dates now….

Message for your fans...
Stay alive, oh yeah and buy the album, and then the T Shirts, and then the old album……

All things Credo


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