Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Last FM

Just found this wonderful online radio station thanks to Kurt's Krap. Its free to join - simply download a player and then play music! You can listen to an artist or as I prefer select music similar to an artist (for example mine is currently set at bands similar to Night Ranger) and it will play tunes by and similar to the artist/band.
There is a very wide choice of music on there plus you ca join discussion groups, add friends and share their playlists etc.
You can add you recent playlists to your site (see top of this site) - very anorak :)
Go have a look at Last FM


Blogger JohnnyB said...

Last.fm rules! Come on over and join the Classick Rock Newswire Group!

If you are in to music, We are in to you!


2:15 pm  

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