Friday, June 16, 2006

FROST ‘Milliontown’

Inside Out (2006) Inside Out

Songwriter/keyboards player Jem Godfrey (he’s written many a hit including ones for Atomic Kitten and Ronan Keating) has a love of prog rock and in Frost he wants to explore this along with handpicked musicians. The line-up is completed by guitarist John Mitchell (Arena/Kino/The Urbane/John Wetton) and IQ’s rhythm section – John Jowitt and Andy Edwards. Rather than rehash classic 70’s sounds or mimic the 80’s prog bands Frost do progress in their music. Highlights are many and like any good album in this genre it takes awhile to discover all the musical delights on offer. ‘Snowman’ is a wonderful ballad and the most hook filled tune on here. Conversely the title track clocks in at over 26 minutes and features some amazing keys and guitar work. The opening instrumental ‘Hyperventilate’ starts quietly with gentle piano before it kicks off big time with guitar solos and layers of keys – superb! Slight hints of Kino and It Bites in the mix as well. For straight ahead rock, albeit played with dazzling prowess, ‘No me No You’ hits the psot nicely.
One for fans of damn fine music – Frost do deserve the progressive music tag as they push themselves musically and its not all been done before. If you enjoy music by Kino, Porcupine Tree, IQ and Arena this is an album to own. Be very interesting to see where they go musically on their next album.


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