Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Not seen or heard any Landmarq before tonight's gig although I have read reviews ect about them. Fronted by Tracy Hitchings (and including keyboards player Mike Varty who is also in Credo!) they played an enjoyable set of progressive music. Nothing that would really make me rush out and buy one of their CD's it has to be said but you can't fault the musicianship on display and 'Angel Coming Home' was certainly a stand out in the set.
Credo were back at Stripes following their CD launch gig last November and the set this time was all taken from the rather excellent 'Rhetoric' album released last year. Kicking off with the air keyboard friendly 'The Game' it was a very enjoyable set. Even the sound gremlins couldn't stop the music (and full credit to the PA wizard Tim who kept it all running). 'Skin Trade' and 'Turn the Gun Around' really suit the live environment (not easily achieved with some prog rock music). Like Lanmarq, you just marvel at the musicianship on display from the watertight drums, rock sold bass coupled with immense keyboard runs and some very stlylish guitar solos that never outstay their welcome. Defintely a band to go see live and buy 'Rhetoric', easily one of the best 'classic' sounding progressive music albums of the past few years along with Arena, Kino and Presto Ballet. Good news Credo are back in September with Polish porg rockers Quidum.

Jason Ritchie



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