Friday, February 11, 2005

Christopher Fowler

Maybe not an author many people have heard of but he’s been writing since the 1980’s and produce some wonderful, dark novels including ‘Roofworld’ - a must read, the story of two rival gangs and their 'otherworld' on the rooftops of London. Other books worth a go include any featuring the oddball detective duo of Bryant & May (Transworld have published two new books in this series and they really are excellent crime/black humour reads) and Fowler has also done numerous short story collections. These are sometimes hard to track down as he has been published by a number of publishers down the years. 'Sharper Knives', 'City Jitters' and 'Personal Demons' are amongst the best.
One of the most enjoyable parts of the books for me is the hidden facts you find out about London through reading his novels, that and the darker side of humanity are what makes his books so appealing.


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