Friday, August 19, 2005


Boy this band ROCK! Pure and simple rock - no frills - just damn fine tunes and lots of guitar.

1 What have you been up to so far this year and what have you planned for the next few months?

This year for American Dog has been our busiest, We finished and released our third studio album "Scars-n-Bars", played a ton of shows in the midwest on it, then toured Germany with the "V-8 Wankers", who we also did a split (vinyl) single with which featured the first ever lead vocals of our Guitarist Steve Theado on the Deep Purple song "Black Night", then went into Belgium, and then went on a tour through France with "Crucified Barbara" a great up and coming all-female band from Sweden, who were not only a great band but excellent tour mates as well, we got along so well that we decided to have some fun, so we learned "Please Don't Touch" (The old Johnny Kidd song, that was re-done by Motorhead and Girlschool) at sound checks and did it as the encore for our last three shows together, and seeing how both bands are on the same label in France (Bad Reputation) the label President flipped and demanded a recording , which has now turned into a full blown Motorhead Tribute Disc, which should be out in October. (We also did our own version of "Rock It" from Another Perfect Day for the Compilation). We then came back to the States and hit the Biker Circuit, doing seven shows on the Easyriders Rodeo Tour. Then a few local shows with Blackberry Smoke, and then we recorded a live cd , "Foamin' at the Mouth - Live!", here in Columbus which will be released exclusively through our website here in North America the first week of September. We've got a couple outside shows coming up with Molly Hatchet and The Godz and then we head back to Belgium and France with Crucified Barbara. When we get back we'll start demoing songs for our next studio disc (Which is already half written) and then do a few shows with Jason McMasters band "Broken Teeth"..................whew! and all that without management.

you can keep up with us at our new website:

2 Best live gig(s) this year & why? (Can be your own gigs and/or other bands)

So far the best for me personally has been the shows with Crucified Barbara, the crowd reaction to "Please Don't Touch" has been Amazing.Also was lucky enough to see Whitesnake in Columbus, Ohio and it was great. They opened up with "Burn" !!!! Holy Shit!

3 New msuic/books/films you've discovered/bought this year and why are they so good?

In new bands , I'd Recommend, Crucified Barbara, Crank County Daredevils and a Very Outlaw Country band from North Carolina called "Rebel Son".


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