Tuesday, August 08, 2006

EDEN - Open Minds

Majestic Rock (2006)

Vince O'Regan is one busy man! He produced and wrote for Bob Catley's latest solo album, he has another band Alibi ready to release their new album on Escape Music and now we have Eden formed with Kick vocalist Nick Workman. Don't expect an AOR/melodic rock album by numbers though as Eden have successfully added a real hard edge to their music whilst still keeping the melodies intact. `Close Your Eyes' and `Chase the Sun' have superb guitar riffs coupled with a very heavy rhythm section – not quite metal but near enough! The sought of tracks TNT are so good at when they are on form. `Fools Parade' is quite simply one of the best tunes I have heard all year, from its anthemic chorus to the stunning harmony vocal section towards the end of the song. Again the guitars are high in the mix and riffing away. Only one ballad on the whole album and it is a good `un, `How Far Are You' allows Nick Workman to take the spotlight.

One of the strongest debuts by a UK rock band in many a year and all the better as they seemed to have found that winning formula of having a big guitar sound without comprising the melodies. Hopefully Eden will prove to be a long term band and not just a one-off.


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