Friday, July 14, 2006

All change...

Jeff Scott Soto is now singing with Journey on the latter's current US tour with Def Leppard. Current Journey vocalist Steve Augeri has had some vocal problems and so the band have drafted in the extremely talented Mr Soto. Check out JSS any solo work or any Talisman album for further proof.

Survivor have jetisoned Jimi Jamison for the second time, just over month after releaseing their new album - the band's first since 1988! In his place comes ex-MSG vocalist Robin McAuley. The band plan a new album next year, which given their current work rate is superhuman! Most probably due to the fact that they what to get the new band's sound out there. I like both vocalists so be interesting to see how the Survivor sound develops. Bassist Barry Dunaway has also been gven the golden handshake as Billy Ozzello returns (he was the band's bassist prior to Dunaway!).


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