Thursday, August 03, 2006

JOURNEY `Evolution'/'Escape' Legacy/Sony (2006)

Now reviewing these two little gems is a real treat! Both have been re-mastered with added booklets containing rare and previously unseen photos (and looking at Neal Schon's bouffant hair I am not surprised!) plus in the case of `Escape' you get bonus tracks.1979's `Evolution' starts with the short intro `Majestic' where the band's trademark harmonies come to the fore. Track wise there are some certifiable classics such as `Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin' and the stop/start vocals on `City of the Angels'. You want more? Try `Just the Same Way' or Steve Perry excelling vocally on `Lovin' You Is Easy'.

There isn't a filler track on this album at all but for me the best album Journey have made so far is 1981's `Escape', which saw former Babys member Jon Cain take over from Gregg Rolie on the keyboards. Again not a filler in sight (although I have never personally been a fan of `Who's Crying Now' as it has been used too often on compilations and radio) and if anything the guitars are ramped up – check out `Lay It Down' or the title track for proof. `Mother, Father' is a real goose bumps tune as Perry pours his heart and soul into the song, whilst `Don't Stop Believin' is one of those feel good anthems the band do so well. Bonus wise you get the B-side to `Still They Ride', the track `La Raza Del Sol', which is not bad but you can see why it was a B-side! Add to these three live tracks from the recently released `Live In Houston' CD/DVD, namely `Don't Stop Believin', `Who's Crying Now' and `Open

Long time fans of the band will enjoy these I am sure and hopefully they can pick up new fans, who should start with either (or preferably both) of these albums and then go from there. Truly one of the best bands of all time who had the musical ability, the voice in Steve Perry and the songs.


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