Friday, February 11, 2005

Election fever?

Well Tony Blair still seems to be telling the media that he doesn't have the Genral Election date set - yeah right we believe you! What with the impending marraige of Charles & Camilla you can bet that Blair announces the election date just before the wedding and hope to capitalise on the 'feelgood' factor of a royal wedding. But when its announced will the UK public get all excited about it?
I see the Tories are quick of the mark with their old faithful immigration and expect crime to feature heavily as well. But can they seriously expect to get in with Michael Howard as their leader? As the famouus quote about him says 'there is something about the night about him'.
Meanwhile Labour have recalled Alistair Campbell who was quickly into the news thanks to his expeltive e-mail to BBC's 'Newsnight'. Blair & Brown's spat seems to have gone quiet for now - that's a bit like the Queen & Prince Charles - the ones with the power are damned if they will let anyone else have it.
Liberal Democarts have been firaly quiet so far bar shooting down in flames the Tories vs. Labour plans for immigration.
UKIP well they will doubtless do well with protest votes but at General Elections people tend to stick with old loyalities. Be surprised if they won a seat but they may cause a few Tories & Labour MP's to lose their seats.
Veritas or Kilroy-Silk's ego party. Mmm, he may do well but I think they won't win any seats. At the moment an IT company with the same name is trying to get KS to change the party's name!
One things for sure the press will be full of election fever from here on in...


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